Customer Loyalty
March 15, 2023

Customer Loyalty by Industry

Customer Loyalty by Industry

How can you adapt to the ever-changing needs of your customers? What techniques are ideal for your industry? How are businesses in your industry working to improve customer loyalty?

We’ll cover several winning strategies for building customer loyalty in different industries and provide further reading to get you started with building your army of loyal customers.



Customer Loyalty in the Insurance Industry

Insurance carriers face an uphill battle to cultivate loyalty among their customers as the market becomes more saturated and consumers find it difficult to differentiate between products. Customer retention rates in the insurance industry fall below average compared to other sectors.

This is partly because many insurance carriers overly prioritise customer acquisition rather than focusing on customer retention, despite the former being more expensive. Insurers in the UK, in particular, must deal with price comparison sites and aggregators that are commodifying general insurance and dominating distribution. 

Another issue is that customers often get better deals by shopping for a new provider instead of opting for renewal. The current situation has made insurance customers volatile, with many ready to switch insurers for a better experience. 

Insurance companies that balance an excellent service history with a modern customer experience will be the ones to thrive. Adopting creative approaches like reward programmes will allow you to stand out and successfully drive loyalty for your insurance business.

Insurance: Summary & Stats

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Customer Loyalty in Financial Services

Companies that want to improve customer loyalty must adopt strategies that give customers real value to earn their trust. Value has never been under more scrutiny than it is today. The global economic crisis and high inflation rates continue to foster mistrust among customers in the financial services they depend on.

In a recent survey of consumers, the majority claimed that trust was a very important part of their buying decisions. Yet, only a small percentage of consumers actually trusted the brands they used. This mistrust among customers also applies to banks and insurance companies. 

Meanwhile, this trust is the cornerstone of loyalty. Without these solid foundations, customer loyalty in financial services will continue to struggle. Competition is on the rise in monopolised markets, with new alternatives offering customers more attractive incentives. This makes consumers even more cautious than ever with their spending. 

Businesses offering financial services must adapt to the changing attitudes of customers or suffer higher churn rates and lower profit margins. That’s why there’s a case for adopting customer-centric strategies and prioritising loyalty nurturing efforts to secure customer loyalty for businesses offering financial services.

Financial Services: Summary & Stats

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Customer Loyalty in the Retail Industry

Customer loyalty in retail has changed a lot in recent years. People are familiar with the rewards and benefits they receive in exchange for their business with brands. Discounts, free gift cards and e-vouchers, earn and burn points and that gold level tier that’s just out of reach are the norm. 

However, with brand loyalty falling in recent years, these traditional loyalty initiatives just aren’t enough. There’s more of a need for something beyond point rewards and tiered programmes. Like products, loyalty building strategies need constant revision and upgrading. After all, customer expectations fluctuate over time. 

Expectations about product quality are only a problem for retailers who sell poorly made products. However, people are more thrifty and want more value for their money, due in part to limited budgets. The ideal setup for customers is to get quality products that justify spending, especially when many have limited expendable incomes. 

There’s also a gap in the emotional connection between retail brands and consumers. That’s because the customer loyalty approach in the retail industry is primarily focused on transactional incentives. Customers, on the other hand, are after personalised rewards and are becoming more demanding about the value they receive for their patronage.

So how can retail businesses nurture customer loyalty?  

Engaging customers across multiple channels and creating a robust rewards programme are excellent approaches to nurture customer loyalty and improve retention. Refining and personalising customer relationships, from interactions to service delivery, remains the best way to retain their business.

Retail: Summary & Stats

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Customer Loyalty in Telecommunication Industry

Much like any industry experiencing a major digital transformation, the telecoms industry is becoming more competitive, and businesses are having trouble standing out. Customers are demanding more than just low prices and are more than happy to switch providers when they aren’t satisfied.

Customer expectations continue to grow as they demand better experiences, better security and connectivity, and transparent pricing. 

More light is being shed on the loyalty penalties customers are forced to pay for staying with the same provider. This has made customers more aware of their shopping options and more likely to enter the market for better offers when their initial contracts expire.

With new Ofcom (Office of Communications) regulations coming into play to protect consumer interests, the margin for error is growing even thinner. Telecom businesses can no longer ignore these demands if they are to retain customers.

The current situation shows that transparency and honesty are essential for building trust. Adopting a multichannel approach or launching a reward programme are among several proven ways for building customer loyalty in the telecommunications industry. The aim is to provide memorable experiences and show customers that their brand loyalty is appreciated. 

Telecommunications: Summary & Stats


Stay ahead of the competition in the telecommunications industry.

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Customer Loyalty for Subscription-Based Businesses

It goes without saying that all businesses want to increase sales. However, subscription-based businesses must show both existing customers and prospects that their services and products are worth the recurring fees. These businesses must go the extra mile if they are to increase subscription sales. 

Flexible short-term subscription plans and the cancel-at-any-time option have made it even more tricky to secure customer loyalty as a subscription-based business. Meanwhile, customer retention is a critical success criterion for subscription-based businesses. Maintaining high retention rates increases your ROI and subscription sales. 

To increase revenue from subscriptions, you should foster meaningful relationships with your customers. A successful retention strategy is built on making sure your customers are happy and rewarding their loyalty. Transform prospects into loyal customers by adopting proven retention strategies such as reward and referral programmes. Getting ahead of the customer's needs will help you stand out in the modern market, which is full of competitors.

Subscription-based Businesses: Stats & Summary

Loyalty is the Future

When customers are loyal, they aren’t swayed by product availability or price. Loyal customers will pay extra to retain the same quality service they have come to expect. Exceeding their expectations is the best way to endear your brand to your customers' hearts. However, this is no small task. A careful approach that puts the customer’s needs at the forefront is the only way to achieve true loyalty. 





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